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#include "RGtk2/atk.h"

/* reason: discard text length parameter and handle in-out position
      it's probably too much trouble to add automatic in-out support, especially
      because it only affects primitive types
      - why couldn't they just return that by value? */
S_atk_editable_text_insert_text(USER_OBJECT_ s_object, USER_OBJECT_ s_string, USER_OBJECT_ s_position)
        AtkEditableText* object = ATK_EDITABLE_TEXT(getPtrValue(s_object));
        const gchar* string = (const gchar*)asCString(s_string);
        gint* position = (gint*)asCArray(s_position, gint, asCInteger);
            gint length = strlen(string);
        USER_OBJECT_ _result = NULL_USER_OBJECT;

        atk_editable_text_insert_text(object, string, length, position);

            _result = retByVal(_result, "position", asRInteger(*position), NULL);

/* This function is not provided in the win32 build of the library */
#ifdef WIN32
atk_text_free_ranges (AtkTextRange **ranges)
  AtkTextRange **first = ranges;

  if (ranges)
      while (*ranges)
          AtkTextRange *range;

          range = *ranges;
          g_free (range->content);
          g_free (range);
      g_free (first);

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